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On Sunday 23rd I'm driving from Hastings to Glastonbury. I'm not interested in getting there as fast as possible, so I'll be taking the A272 to Winchester and then the A34 to join the A303 near Andover. There are then 2 possibles:

1. Exit the A303 onto the A36 to Frome, then A361 to Glastonbury.

2. Exit the A303 at Podimore roundabout onto the A372 and then take the B3151 to Glastonbury.

Does anyone know the area well enough (on a Sunday afternoon) to advise me on the pros and cons of each? Google Maps suggest that the times and distances are virtually the same.

Route advice - Somerset - Avant

I'd agree that there's not much in it. As it's a Sunday afternoon most of th traffic should be going the other way, so A303 to Podimore (with the dual carriageway bypassing Mere and Wincanton) might be a bit quicker.

Route advice - Somerset - JEREMYH

I am up and down that road all the time and agree with the above


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