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I am going to test drive two. One is Sept 2010 with 61,000 miles on clock 1800 engine. Is this the Mark 2 ? The other 2012 with 31,000 miles on clock 1600 engine. Both petrol with full service history and documentation. Price difference about £2,000.

I be grateful for views on which seems better buy and potential problems/costs. Appreciate variables etc but value opinions.

On the times I've asked about cars on make forum response much less than on here.

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Ford C max - Choice between - SLO76
The 2010 car will be a facelift Mk I and the engine is essentially a Mazda L series chain driven motor, as used in the Mazda 5/6. No timing belt to worry about and I think it's the nicer looking and better driving car than the later model which although safer and more economical I see as a retrograde step. A car that was designed at the height of recession when Ford were desperate to save money. Not a bad car by any means it's just not the class leader the 1st gen model was.

Assuming it's not the Ecoboost model then the later car will be using the belt driven Yamaha designed 1.6 Zetec SE unit. This will need a timing belt at 8yrs or sooner if you want to play it safe. A very reliable and sweet revving engine that will be noticeably better on fuel but lacks the midrange urge of the older 1800. A good car but I don't personally like the styling and the handling isn't as nimble as the older car. The electric instead of hydrolic PAS doesn't offer the same feel either.

You should first and foremost buy the best car with regards to condition, history and mileage but with equally well maintained examples of each I'd save the money and opt for the older model. Drive a hard bargain though, they're not in great demand now as they're seen as being quite dated so don't overpay for one.
Ford C max - Choice between - scot22

Thanks SLO76 invaluable advice - very much appreciated. The 2010 is at £4,895 - opinion ?

Going out now so will look again this evening.

Ford C max - Choice between - 72 dudes

Good advice as usual from SLO.

However, even though he doesn't like the styling of the new model, many do. To me the MK1 looks dull and mundane, the MK2 far more interesting.

The interior styling, where you spend most of your time, after all, is like comparing night and day, but you'll see that for yourself.

Having said that, the MK1 looks like a reasonable buy, especially if you can get it for nearer £4500. (My bit of amateur detective work suggests it is the silver one at Richardson Ford?).

This is quite an old car for a main dealer to offer, which suggests to me that it is probably a car they know or have good faith in.

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Ford C max - Choice between - SLO76
It's around £500 overpriced even factoring in that it is at a Ford dealer. Good sign that it's most likely been traded in for another Ford as it's too old to have been bought in for retail.

I'd rather pay a bit extra (aim for £5-£5.2k) for this lower mileage higher spec car as long as it has a full history though. Auto Trader:

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Ford C max - Choice between - scot22

Good detective work - that's the one. Thanks for the tip about the one at York. Time to start the test drives.

Now after using the forum for a while I feel a lot more knowledgeable in car buying.

Thanks again both for your time and help.

Ford C max - Choice between - 72 dudes
I'd rather pay a bit extra (aim for £5-£5.2k) for this lower mileage higher spec car as long as it has a full history though. Auto Trader:

Actually Scott22, I'd be a little wary, that's an average of 3500 miles per year. Short journeys, never getting oil warmed up, not properly run in?.

If it's really nice, try and do a bit of your own detective work. Contact the the previous owner (look at the V5 or service invoices) and find out what sort of journeys it's been subjected to.

Don't let the salesman tell you that modern oil is so good that short journeys are OK - it's not, unless a fastidious owner has had it changed twice as often as Ford recommends.


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