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What exactly does this mean?

The Mot tester advised this, but said the car was very good underneath apart from this,

centre front Subframe mounting prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive?

Is this the subframe itself or the mounting?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Reads like the mounting.

The obvious answer is go contact the MOT tester and ask

Renault megane - MOT Advisory - Railroad.

A prescribed area is defined as a 30cm radius from a load bearing member such as a suspension mounting point or seat belt anchorage, inside of which there must be no excessive corrosion. Your tester has advised you that corrosion exists, but that it is not excessive or serious enough to fall below the minimum required standard. The tester has merely advised you of something that should be brought to your attention.

A tester can advise anything, regardless of whether or not the item is testable.

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I'd spray liberally some WD40 or similar water disperser spray at the area for now, then in the spring wash all the muck and salt off the underside (good practice every spring for a long vehicle life), then wire brush it all down and have a look see what you're dealing with.

Chances are painting the affected area with a rust converter then painting over that when dry and a final coat of decent waxy underbody protection will keep any further deterioration to a minimum will do, don't forget to consider the box section interior or the other side of any panel that appears rusty, worth getting to the inside of such problem areas with purpose made cavity waxes via the rather good probes that are now available for aerosol application.

Worth having a good poke nose round the rest of the car whilst there and treating anything else that looks suspicious.

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Also if your birthday is coming up get the mrs to buy you a mig welder might come in handy !

Renault megane - MOT Advisory - liammcl

+1 for MIG welder

ps Cheapo option is gas-less.
£4 for 0.9mm gassless 0.5kg roll of welding wire.

I've just done some body repairs 1.5mm by tack welding and cooling.
Previously, I've welded a hole in a Catalytic converter, which would've been a MOT fail .

Off Topic,
Yesterday, I was welding a generator frame..
the generator was cheap because the frame was tatty.
(Honda E3200 for £80 - 1900watts,
ps this will run the welder on some settings - I didn't try them all
and a 1.5hp air compressor)

MIG welders are easy to use and it is cheap for the wire...

ps I've got a Clarke 151EN, for £70 from cash converters..
some bargains on FleaEbay , gumtree, preloved et al.

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