2016 Suzuki Vitara S - Vitara S "boosterjet" ride quality - oldchemist

I have recently replaced my 2010 Vauxhall Meriva (B) 1.4 140 on

225/45/R17 Goodyear Vector 4S tyres with a nearly new Vitara S on

215/55 R17 Michelin Cross Climates which I got the dealer to put on.

I find the ride noticeably more "nervous" especially on the motorway when compared to the Meriva. The steering (which seems light and slightly vague in the centre) feels to require constant slight corrections. This is not a relaxing drive. It's a bit like being in a bit of a cross wind. The pressures are 32 psi all round.

All the reviews seem to rate the ride quality. Am I being too critical or could there be something worth asking the dealer about ?

(Otherwise I like the car very much.)

Thanks in advance for any advice/information.

2016 Suzuki Vitara S - Vitara S "boosterjet" ride quality - gordonbennet

Don't know the first thing about the new model.

A quick read up shows the BoosterJet engine model gets the 17" wheels you mention whilst the other models appear to get 16", there's only one aspect ratio difference of 5% involved, 55 versus 60 and to be honest i can't see that making a massive difference to ride, though any difference will be harder.

You've checked the manual for correct pressures no doubt, but as the BJ (ooer) is the upmarket model i wonder if its been put into some sort of ''sport'' setting at the dealership, again a peruse of the manual should show if this is possible to reset to gentlemans reclining sofa mood.

Is the car worse than the demo can you remember.

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2016 Suzuki Vitara S - Vitara S "boosterjet" ride quality - oldchemist

Unfortunatley I didn't get test drive on motorway or fast dual carriage way which is really only where this issue is apparent.

2016 Suzuki Vitara S - Vitara S "boosterjet" ride quality - oldchemist


Over the last 12 months or so I've either got a bit more used to the ride or it has improved.

Now I'd say that although not quite as good ride/handling balance as my old Meriva it's really very good.

(On a separate note. Since purchase I've filled almost exclusively with Shell V Power unleaded. There was always a slight hesitation at 2000rpm and again a feeling of disappointment compared to the Meriva with same power output 140 turbo petrol engine.

Recently I've changed to BP Ultimate. Maybe I'm imagining things but it seems a whole lot better. The 2000rpm issue is gone and the car feels altogether more "nippy". Very strange.)

2016 Suzuki Vitara S - Vitara S "boosterjet" ride quality - Engineer Andy

Also might be worth the OP checking to see that the tyres are fitted correctly as they are directional.

I also recall from reading something on this website (it also could be HJ's weekly DT collumn) that sometimes dealerships forget to take off some kind of appendage on the suspension when a car is delivered on a transporter lorry (?) and that can make the car handle badly afterwards until it/they are removed.

Just a thought.


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