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Some here won't have a clue what a Borgward was? Well, for those that don't know I'll leave it for others more knowledgeable about the marque to fo so.

Still no idea why the brand is being revived, nor indeed why it needs to be.

Borgward - Gibbo_Wirral

Never heard of them, but I like this:

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Borgward - RobJP

The brand is being revived for one reason alone : money. A chinese manufacturer wants to sell cars to Europe, and is under the impression that a 'quality' badge will have the buyers flooding in the doors. A quality German badge is even better !

The only problems with that are that the badge is so ancient that most buyers have never heard of it previously (I certainly hadn't, and I've been a petrolhead for 30+ years), and, even if it was a well-known brand, the car itself would still need to compete directly against everything else out there.

So it's basically a new brand. Like Infiniti. The 'old' name means nothing at all to 99.9% of potential buyers.

Borgward - jc2

There was a Borgward Isabella and a van in the 1950/60's.

Borgward - Avant

I'm old enough to remember the Borgward Isabella. I think it had quite a good reputation for quality, but it was produced in too small numbers for adequate development: I seem to remember that neither the saloon nor the estate had a four-door option.

Borgward went bust in the early 1960s. BMW was in similar dire straits around that time, but was saved by a large injection of cash from the Quandt family, who still have a sizeable stake in the company.

Borgward - Wackyracer

The brand is being revived for one reason alone : money. A chinese manufacturer wants to sell cars to Europe, and is under the impression that a 'quality' badge will have the buyers flooding in the doors. A quality German badge is even better !

It appears from reading that the company is going to remain German as it is being headed by the grandson of the original founder. Although their manufacturing plants are going to be in China.

Borgward - RaineMan

In the late seventies the car parks where I worked must have hed a few thousand cars. This meant there were always a few unusual cars about. These included a Velox with a fluted bonnet, a £400 E-Type (wonder if it exists today and if so what it is worth), a 50’s Bentley and a 20 year old Borgward Big Six. After having a ride I the Borgward I thought it was a fantastic car and have been interested in them ever since. I once looked at an Isabella but although an excellent drive the body was totally shot!

An earlier post in this thread mentions the company going into liquidation. I am sure there was a political motive behind it as creditors were all fully paid. When a company I worked for went bust I dont think creditors got a penny in the pound!

The motorcycle parking area also had some interesting bikes including an HRD Vincent and an Aeriel Square Four.

Borgward - Engineer Andy

For Star Trek fans only? "Resistance is futile!"

Borgward - Leif

I had the same thought. Something tells me this name will be the butt of many jokes in the English speaking world. I wonder if the first model will be called the Enterprise?

Borgward - Engineer Andy

Perhaps the models will be (Borg-esque) self-repairing - no more dealerships' service departments - yea! The downside is you have to assimilate things/people to provide the source of parts and fuel/energy. Traffic wardens, maybe?

Back in the 'real' world...I think the cars will be as 'successful' in the West as the revamped MG brand is.

Borgward - mike hannon

Borgward was a highly respected name once. They even made racing engines (for Cooper, among others). But then so was MG, and Rover...

Borgward - thecloser

I remember the Borgward Isabella very well. It was a very handsome vehicle for its time and quite well appointed if I remember correctly. A bit in the Saab mould - slightly quirky and in small enough numbers to have a bit of mystique about it.

Borgward - focussed

I remember the Borgward Isabella too - a schoolfriend's dad had one.

I also have read that there was a conspiracy theory about the bankruptcy of Borgward in the early 60's being "encouraged" by a well known german car manufacturer who saw them as a strong competitor.

Even stranger was the appointment of the public auditor who handled the bankruptcy, to the board of that very same well known car maker after the affair!

Borgward - former farmer

A fellow car nut, at school, pointed out to me that Borgward had a unique design of fuel guage, so next time I had the chance I took a look.

Sure enough, there was a Teutonic beer mug with froth running down!

I guess that is something they will not be reviving.

Borgward - Happy Blue!

For Star Trek fans only? "Resistance is futile!"

Surely The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?? and not Star Trek - The Vogon guard says it when ihe find Arthur and Ford on the Vogon Construction Ship (sad I know).

Borgward - Sofa Spud

Renault might have something to say if the prominent diamond shaped Borgward badge is revived along with the brand.

Borgward - Engineer Andy

They may well have done (I haven't watched the original BBC TV series for years), but my connection was to the name of the firm, Borgward, which obviously part of which is definitiely Trek-related. Maybe (with BCS-Paramount's permission) they could use the Borg logo, which isn't that bad if used on a car.


Borgward - boggles
I well remember the Borgward. Can't remember any model but the Isabella though. When I was in my teens, I used to help out with maintaining a stock car. One of the team of helpers was a Borgward fan. He had two on the road, I think, and another couple at home, awaiting restoration. He lived around Froghall Staffordshire. May still be Borgwarding for all I know. Quite rapid, well made motors, though I haven't seen one for years.
Borgward - Sofa Spud

Although I'm old enough to remember Borgwards I don't ever remember seeing one on the roads in my childhood. I could identify most everyday cars when I was 4 or 5 but I only learned of Borgward later on from Observer's books.

Borgward sounds rather too much like a make of automatic transmission to have any real flair to it and it hardly sounds dashing anyway.

Borgward - skidpan

In the spring of 1998 I had arranged to have a mapped ignition system fitted to the race car, a great deal since I paid for the kit and the specialist was paying for the fabrication of one off parts, fitting and mapping, more than 1/2 the normal bill. The benefit to him was the ability to sell an off the shelf kit in the future.

The address I was given was in Shepreth (Hertfordshire I think). Turned up as arranged and the place looked somehow familiar despite never having been there. It was a disused station and at the end of the buildings where I unloaded the car off the trailer were probably 6 Borgward Isabellas in various states of decay most with roll cages/bars fitted.

Then the light came on in a deep recess of my memory. The well known Vauxhall tuner and race car builder (he built the famous Big and Bay Berthas that Gerry Marshall raced for DTV) had premises at Shepreth known as Station Works. Before he became involved with Vauxhalls he prepared Borgwards and what I parked next to was the grave yard.

The guy I was meeting confirmed my thoughts and in fact told me he rented the works from Bill Blydenstein who was by then working from his garden shed still porting Vauxhall heads.

Borgward - peter moss

Yes Borgward was an upmarket car expensive they made one model i know call the Isabela they had one in a garage in Chalfont St Peters in the 1950s i think it was the dealers for them i was kid at the time but it looked a smart car !


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