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I have a Sharan SE 1.9TDi which has been running absolutley fine for 3 years until last week when the engine just cut off during daytime driving !

At first the coil light (on the rev counter display) would appears seconds before it would cut out but now it does not at all . Autoelectrician checked and found that the G40 cam sensor was showing as fault. I then replaced the cam sensor (near the cam belt) but the engine still cuts out ! 2nd check with the autoelec showed that all was clear and no faults found so i changed the air and fuel filters just in case of blockage but still the engine cuts out ! Fuel is passing thorough (checked it when filter was removed). The engine does start but then stops automatically within 5 mins.

Now it no longer starts immediately. I have to leave the engine cold for nearly 30 mins before i get the coil ight on and then it will start. The delay seems to be getting longer.

Engine only (if) starts after a coil ight display comes on after nearly 30 mins and it seems to get longer.

Mechanic says it is an electric fault . Autoelectrician says it is a mechianical fault . I am stuck in the middle. Can anyone please advise.

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VW Sharan SE 2001 - Engine Cuts off ! - track
Pretty certain your car will have a PD engine in it. If so then the main connector on the side of the cylinder head should be checked for oil and dirt ingress. I would also check the camshaft and followers for excessive wear as I see a few of these now with problems through wear. You can get a kit to replace cam and followers for around £200. You wont be getting a coil light when the engine is warm as it doesnt need to pre heat the engine. Only when that light flashes do you need to worry as it means a fault is found and it will either go into limp mode or not run.

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