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Hello everyone
I am new to this forum and would be grateful for some advice.
Last year my car was stood unused for around 12 weeks as I had been in hospital. When I drove it again it ran smoothly for the first few miles and then the power would die intermittent on off on off. Several times on the motorway I had to pull over and then when started up again it would run perfect.
I had a full service new plugs etc.
The fault continued so I took it to a garage and after leaving it with them for 3 days I was told it was a coil so it was replaced.
The following day the car continued to run the same. On monday this week a warning light came on the dashboard so I rang the Rac, they couldnt find a fault code and advised me to take it to a garage.
The car ran badly all the way up to the garage so I left it with them. I had a call earlier today and was advised that no fault was showing on the computer and they have removed the warning light. They advised that they could replace lambda sensors and then if it continues then replace a further 3 coils and total cost would be around £1200.
I have just collected the car and paid for a diagnostic test (which is blank) I dont have £1200 to pay out.
Has anyone had this problem and found a remedy ?

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2004 1.2 intermitant engine fault - scrapmetal
Is the warning light the orange engine warning light? If so there will be a fault code stored, have the readings of the oxygen sensors checked out by a good diagnostic technician, rear oxygen sensors are prone to fail on this model.
2004 1.2 intermitant engine fault - GillyB
Thanks for your reply. Yes the light was orange the garage have turned it off. I requested a copy of the diagnostic test but they are not very forthcoming.
I rang Nissan who say another test is £72.00 plus vat
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