Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - ralph278
Apologies if this has been covered, I had a look.

My sister-in-law has a Toyota Avensis Verso D4D, manual gearbox. High mileage now, think she said 140K. Well serviced. She likes it, and it goes nicely. Save that for a couple of years it has had a problem. She has to make it rev a little (more than usual) before trying to pull away, or change up if going uphill at lowish revs (revs that should work fine). She has adapted to it, but occasionally forgets. When this happens it all but dies and there is a pause before she can drive on. (I haven?t driven it, or been in it when this happens.) Not a long pause, but if she has pulled out to cross a busy road?

She likes the local Toyota garage. Save that they haven?t cured it. She has mentioned it at services, but they just say the diagnostics show things are OK.

Until recently I had an Escort TDI. A mechanic friend told me a small pipe on it that sent a signal (as pressure or vacuum, something to do with the turbo) should be cleaned out after a time. I have suggested to her that she ask if there is something similar on her car. Or that it may be that there is a sensor or electrical actuator that is no longer working properly and the diagnostic check only covers it as regards continuity or lack of, doesn?t check its function.

I have suggested that she get a Haynes manual to look for possibilities to ask about. And that she take it to a different T garage for its next service, as they may happen know more.

But has anyone come across anything relevant, please?

(And thanks in advance if anyone can kindly advise, in case I can't log on again soon. For some reason I have trouble on this site using my PC)
Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - Brit_in_Germany
Does this happen irrespective of whether the aircon is switched on or not? If the aircon is increasing the load on the engine, higher revs might be needed.
Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - ralph278
Thanks, a good thought.
I'll ask her, but don't think it is the reason in this case because she didn't complain when the car was newer, and from what she said it is a more serious loss of power.
If I understood her correctly, when it happens there is a delay of a few seconds when she can't get going. Wheras if the aircon was a noticeable drag, one would be able to declutch, rev up and go, promptly
But I'll ask Cheers
Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - Brit_in_Germany
The reason for mentioning the aircon was that the compressor in our Verso died somewhat prematurely - before that, there was something of a lurch when it was switched on - not sure if the two were related though.
Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - Sprice
Maybe the catalyst is breaking down? Or maybe it just needs a good 'Italian tune up' with a bit of injector cleaner in the tank?
Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - ralph278
Thanks, thanks also to Brit

My Escort used to jerk just slightly when the aircon was switched on whilethe car was in motion, but I think it's more serious than that.

And if the catalyst is faulty that should have been picked up at the MoT. But I'll mention it.

So good thoughts, and problem or not it's worth getting her to use some diesel cleaner. Also a not-quite-excessive Italian tune up (I'll get my brother to do that, he will need less explanation and reassurance)

Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - autorepairs

Ralph278 Did the problem ever get resolved as we have customer with exactly the same symptoms.

Change of fuel and air filte helped for a while, but 2 motnhs later its the same. Tried cleaning pipes to fuel pump as some sediment. If anything it's worse. We suspect he may run it low on fuel but he denies this.

If possible can you reply to me at

Toyota Avensis Verso D4D fades badly - ifekas
And if the catalyst is faulty that should have been picked up at the MoT.

Not necessarily; I had a problem with loss of power in my previous car (a SEAT TDi) and it turned out that the catalytic converter was somewhat blocked. Car passed its MoT fine, and in fact it took ages to diagnose the cause as there were a number of possible causes, such as MAF, intercooler, turbocharger etc.

Because the problem had occurred over a period of time, when the cat was replaced, it was quite a revelation to have all that power back and the turbo whistling nicely again!

On my current car, every now and then I do rev it quite a bit in the hope that it will help that particular issue happening.


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