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Volvo D5 cambelt change - Brian Tryzers
Quick forum search turned up nothing specific on this, so here goes:

My S60 D5, new in October 2002, covered 30,000 miles in its first two years. A change of job then meant fewer business miles, so it's just crept past 50,000 after another two-and-a-bit years. It's had an annual full service (next one due in May) since my mileage dropped below 12,000 pa, but I'm wondering at what point I should brace myself for a cambelt change - and what I should budget at Midlands labour rates. FWIW, the car has never used oil between services.

Volvo D5 cambelt change - bk.bas
would recommend 4 years or 60K miles. Volvo dealer will have a fixed time for the job, so will depend on dealer rates. Worth checking around as rates between dealers varies considerably (a friend of mine takes his VW to France, recons it's cheaper to go to a main dealer there even with cost of ferry and petrol! Or try a local independant Volvo specialist -may well be considerably cheaper if you can find a good one.
Volvo D5 cambelt change - SjB {P}
See www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=e&t=31...2
Volvo D5 cambelt change - Brian Tryzers
Gosh - 100,000 miles! That rather changes the economics of the Keep it for a bit longer since it's running well v Look for a smaller diesel as a solo motorway car argument. (See Focus 1.6D query in Discussion) In my ignorance and fear, I had a notional £500 set aside for a cambelt change this year; looks like I can spend that on beer instead. >8--)

Incidentally, SjB, I didn't find your earlier post because I searched variously for 'Volvo' 'D5' and 'cambelt', not for 'five-pot' and 'Volvos', which appear in your post. So if I put all those words in this thread, then the next ignorant mug to come along will find your link and be a relieved Volvo owner that bit sooner. Many thanks for the information.

whose Volvo S60 D5 will need a cambelt (or timing belt) replacement or change, but not until 100,000 miles or eight years. Got all those keywords, Mr Forum Search? >;--)
Volvo D5 cambelt change - SjB {P}
My pleasure; glad I could help.
Now get out and enjoy that fabulous D5 growl instead of a tedious and unexciting four cylinder boom. :-)

BTW - nice to see someone actually search before posting, even if on this occasion the expected keywords were missing because of the manner in which the post was made.
Volvo D5 cambelt change - Brian Tryzers
One more thing. This prompted me to dig out the Volvo Routine Service Checklist from last year's service. Item K on this, 'Additional every 8 years or 96,000 miles' is 'Renew petrol timing belt tensioner'; the belt itself for a petrol engine, and both belts and tensioner for diesels (except the S40/V50 and presumably now the C30 as well) come under Item L, which is 'Additional every 10 years or 96,000 miles'.

In other words, for five-cylinder Volvo diesels, the interval for timing belt and tensioner is 96,000 miles or ten years.


Happy WdB
Volvo D5 cambelt change - cheddar
It a matter of what is reasonable, the problem with Volvo and Ford's impressive 100,000 mile belt life claims is that the cars will be well out of warranty if the belts fail at say 90,000 miles so the manufaturers are not required to back it up. I would always err on the side of caution when it comes to an item that is so vital to the integrity of the engine, if they say 100k I would be looking at doing it nearer 75k myself and if they say 10 years, then I would change it at 6 or 7 irrespective of the mileage.
Volvo D5 cambelt change - SjB {P}
Perfectly sensible advice that I have used myself in the past, too, but at least the Volvo five cylinder engines really do have well engineered, generously specced, cam drives so 100k is not pie in the sky. As I wrote, with this engine I have never known one let go at all, let alone early, and I now know of several that are well over 100k miles and still running on the original belt.

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