Strange recalls - BobbyG
Saw a Vauxhall Chevette today and it reminded me of when my cousin had one and going along the motorway once, the headlamp came off and came through her windscreen!

Chevettes subsequently had a recall that involved putting some sort of clip on the headlamp to hold it in place. This clip was actually visible from the outside of the lamp!

Any other strange recalls?
Strange recalls - Hugo {P}
I remember those clips - I often wondered whythey were there!

The most famous recall was surely that of the Lancia Beta in 79 or so when they bought them back and scrapped them. It's a pity BL didn't do that with most of their models at the time, or maybe they should have recalled the Allegros and put the Lancia engines in them!
Strange recalls - ffidrac {P}
My Perodua Kenari was recalled as somthing was found to be wrong with the airbag warning light/system.

The result was a complete dash change and a 'loss' of 3000+ miles from the odo.

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