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Hi Backroomers.

I am thinking of spending a week in Centre Parcs in Westerhoven near Eindhoven in the Netherlands and was wondering where would be the best place to cross the channel ? Calais and drive across, or cross the channel to a point closer to the Netherlands ? It's less than 3hr from Calais so not sure how much a longer ferry crossing would take against the 3 hr drive ? Anyone ever done this sort of journey before, what's the most time effetive and cost effective route ?

Quickest/most cost effective route ? - local yokel
I've been to Holland twice in the last couple of weeks - first quite close to Eindhoven, second to Utrecht.

Bad roadworks on theAntwerp R1 on the second time, but going round the R2 would be a long way round to get to Eindhoven.

The cost of a cross channel ferry to Calais is so cheap that I doubt a longer ferry/shorter car journey would make sense, unless you are close to Harwich.

Seafrance do some cracking deals, but Norfolk Lines to Dunkirk is well-rated by many.
Quickest/most cost effective route ? - LeighB
It would depend a bit on where you are starting from :-)

If in the Midlands/East Anglia or further North, then consider the Harwich to Hook of Holland route. Stena are still running the fast catamaran ferry so crossing is about 6-7 hours, and you arrive much nearer to your destination.
If South of London not really worth it?
I don't know if the Ramsgate/Ostend ferry still runs?
There used to be a service from Hull to Rotterdam - we came back that way from Germany in 1968 - long crossing though but again worth considering if you live that far North?
Quickest/most cost effective route ? - Nickdm
I'm planning a similar journey over Xmas. The Harwich-Hoek service has a catamaran (4 hours crossing) or a conventional ferry (overnight) and both cost about 100 quid one-way. (But you have to buy a cabin on to for the night ferry). I reckon this is quite good value compared with paying 30-50 quid for a single crossing via Dover-Calais. The longer ferry route must save about 100 miles' drive up through France and Belgium.

Seafrance is offering good rates Dover-Calais, but look out for their fuel surcharge on top of the ticket price..!
Quickest/most cost effective route ? - local yokel
Ramsgate-Ostend now freight only. No fuel surcharge on Seafrance last Saturday, as I recall. Paid £50 for day return, towing a large trailer back.
Quickest/most cost effective route ? - local yokel
Just booked another trip - and checked with SF - rough cost of a Sat am out, Sat pm return a week later is £80 all in for car, no top box, 2 adults, 2 U14 kids. www.seafrance.com
Quickest/most cost effective route ? - LeighB
The Harwich-Hoek service
has a catamaran (4 hours crossing)

Is it only 4? I thought it was around 6 or so.
They have 2 sailings a day with the one ferry. Turn round time is only 30-40 mins.
Quickest/most cost effective route ? - local yokel
Harwich-Hook cat ceases ops in Jan 07 I understand. To be replaced by fast conventional ferries.
Quickest/most cost effective route ? - Altea Ego
Pity, I have used the fast hook cat, sailing time was just over three hours in both cases. I have a.lso utrecht from calais. Its an easy drive, tho gets clogged round antwerp.
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