Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - Moscow Meg
I need knowledgeable advice! The power steering on my Toyota Carina E (N reg) started leaking fluid about a month ago. I tried to keep refilling it, but it kept leaking. The steering sounded horrible and was very stiff. I kept driving it though, and have since let the fluid just run dry. Now it works like a 'normal' steering column - it's not stiff anymore, just operates as would any car without power steering. It seems fine to me - but I would like to know, is it safe to drive the car like this until I have enough money together to get the power steering fixed? And, will it pass its MOT (later this month) in this condition? Thanx
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - Pugugly {P}
If you were involved in a bump or the car was examined might be difficult to escape a Defective or Fail to Maintain Steering rap.
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - defender
If you need to keep using this car and cant afford or dont want to repair power steering then remove the steering pump which will probably be ruined now anyway ,if the belt drives other things you will need to change that and remove the pipes from the steering rack and fit breather plugs ,this will bring it to a standard steering instead of power assist and should pass an mot as long as all the other parts are ok
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - defender
meant to add you would need to tell your insurance co your car had been modified
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - bell boy
is this april 1st?
a power rack with no fluid and its safe to drive?
no.............. its a bad dream ?yes
OP take the car off the road now before you kill someone and get the bus (a big thing where you pay the driver money to travel ,stick your hand out to stop it mind)
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - jc2
The steering is still connected mechanically-safe?-just about-if you have arms like a gorilla-most manufacturers go for higher geared steering and smaller steering wheels withPAS.Pass MOT?ask a tester.
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - Beetlefan
No need to ask an M.O.T tester the answer is an emphatic NO it will not pass an M.O.T in this condition and to keep on driving the car in this condition is highly dangerous and your Insurance will be invalid!
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - jc2
According to the manual,if a vehicle is fitted with PAS and it is not working,it must be failed.
Power Steering Toyota Carina - ouch - braindead
you have got to be kidding is all i can say
i hope you dont live near me

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