Peugeot 806 - egor
Just been past a garage with a 806 2.0 lx , 02 reg for £5995
Is this a good price? seems quite cheap but it is a automatic and 2 litre petrol but on the other hand i proberly only do 15,000 a year if that , most of the week is short 3-5 mile journeys with a long motorway journey at the weekends.
Peugeot 806 - bell boy
suggest you take it for a drive before you buy it
Peugeot 806 - Edward
I've got an 02 Synergie HDI which I am pretty pleased with (once the headgasket was replaced under warrenty). I tried the 2ltr petrol manual and found it quite gutless for a big old bus, I guess though, that the auto in kickdown would be more responsive. Price might be a bit steep for an LX which is a bit short on toys. You really need working aircon with one of these as they are greenhouses - so check it carefully. I get 40mpg for the diesel over around 15000 miles per annum. I guess a petrol auto would be around 25 - 30mpg.
Peugeot 806 - egor
It is a lx model and has air con. Is £5995 really overpriced for a 4 year old car with such low mileage? In a ideal world a diesel would be nice but it would add to the initial cost and as i dont do that many miles a year isn't a major concern.
I'm currently driving a petrol scenic and that does 39 mpg mostly short stop go journeys.
Peugeot 806 - wotspur
So how low is the milage, or is that LA (confidential)

I had a 806 svdt diesel, from P reg for 6 years did 160k, before major problems set in. Does this model have electric wing mirrors - great fun. Sliding back doors a great advantage over conventional doors, especially if you have young children to get in /out of car seats
Peugeot 806 - egor
It's done 23,000 miles has all the mot's and service history to verify it. I didn't notice the electric wind mirrors proberly not because i started it up and they didn't unfold, it does have the manual sliding passenger doors though.
To me it looks a good deal on paper i'm just slightly worried the engine won't be up to the job, however i'll find out on a test drive. I'm not looking for somthing fast but would like it to cruise nicely at 80 on the motorway without any problems.

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