anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - scott bell


I am looking for a new family car with some boot space (so looking at estate models). Safety being the priority and size vs space, I am looking at the new focus and astra estates.

Problem is, I need an automatic for the wife, and can find NO auto reviews of either car. All I have learnt so far is stay away from CVT version on the focus, but they do seem I think to do a normal auto box version also.

Has anyone tried or do you know anything about the auto boxes on these cars?

anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - daveyjp
A colleague has a mk1 Focus auto - 1.6 X reg. She has had no problems to date.
anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - DP
A friend's mum has an ex-motability 2001 Astra 1.6 auto. Admittedly, it's only done about 35,000 miles but she's had no trouble at all with it.

It's actually a really nice car to drive in a plod about A to B kind of way.

I'm a big Ford fan but I personally wouldn't touch one with an auto box. Every single person I know who has had an automatic Ford has had gearbox problems of some type (although nobody I know has an auto Focus).

anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - Marc
I know what you mean about Ford autoboxes of old but I believe the autobox in the Focus is a Mazda unit so should be OK.
anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - Marc
Just re read the OP - I'm referring to the Mk I Focus - don't know if the new version or C Max uses the same box
anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - scott bell

thanks for the replies. i should have said i am looking for experiences with the new cars, mk 2 focus for example. the astra i have found out has a 4 speed auto box in the 1.8 petrol and a 6 speed in the diesel. i would of course prefer the diesel (honest john gives the 6 speed auto box a big thumbs up in his long term zafria test) but cost for a 6 speed diesel is 15K as opposed to 9K for a 1 year old 1.8 pertrol.

6K difference for more gears, not sure if it is worth it....

the ford auto box, so far, i have been able to find out little.
anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - Martin Devon
Had 2 granadas both auto. Never a problem.

anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - local yokel
SWMBO has had a 51 Focus 1.6 conventional auto for exactly a year. Perky with one/two on board. Well built, no rattles despite the appalling roads, and the track we had to use for six months when a vital bridge was closed.

She loves it, and I'd second that. Great little car, feels very solid to drive for its size, and goes on rails round corners. A far better car than the Golf it replaced.
anyone tried the focus/astra autos? - jc2
The Granada,depending on age,would have had a BW35 or a Ford C3 autobox-both hugely reliable;most FWD autoboxes are now JATCO(japanese auto transmission co.)not quite as good.

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