Recommend car cover (Saloon) - mss1tw
Any recommendations? Turn out the car may spend a lot of time sat on the driveway now (Possible new job), so I might as well cover it up, keep bird droppings etc off it.
Recommend car cover (Saloon) - mss1tw
Doh, I didn't realise I was still on Technical - could a mod put it over to Discussion please? {Done - DD}
Recommend car cover (Saloon) - Armitage Shanks {p}
Googling produces 236,000 answers but one of them is

Also Soft lined, made to measure (Pricey?) and lockable

SFAIK the cover should have a soft fleecy type lining so that it does not scratch your paint finsh if it shifts around in the wind. There are also loads of car covers advertised in the back of Top Gear/Car/What Car etc
Recommend car cover (Saloon) - mss1tw
Thanks Armitage

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