Focus TDCi CVT - machika
I see that the Focus TDCi CVT automatic is again availabel for sale, after a long period when it seemed nobody knew just when this variation would be available. Anyone know why this should be, as I still can't find any mention of it on the Ford UK site (no doubt someone will tell me it is there)?

I have read a few comments that slated the transmission, whilst others said it was wonderful. I wonder where the truth lies?
Focus TDCi CVT - 1066
i tried to buy one last week and was told i'd have to wait 5months.

i went elsewhere
Focus TDCi CVT - machika
The situation is still the same then. Has anyone seen one in the flesh?
Focus TDCi CVT - LeePower
If its under a manufacturers 3 year warranty then CVT is brilliant.

If it isn't under warranty then walk away as fast as possible.

Ford has has problems with its CTX & CVT boxes on & off for years.
Focus TDCi CVT - Honestjohn
Is it the same CVT as Mercedes uses for the A Class and B Class?

Focus TDCi CVT - RobC

It is. Built by ZF.
I only drive automatics but after my experience with a CVT, would never touch another one.
Focus TDCi CVT - LeePower
I had 2 rebuilds under warranty ( both over £1K ) in under a year / 12K miles on a Rover CVT.

First & last CVT or any other auto, Will stick to a manual box.
Focus TDCi CVT - machika
Where is the Jazz CVT sourced from? Is it Honda's own? I don't see a lot of people complaining about the Jazz CVT. In fact, I can't remember seeing a complaint.

My wife and I took one for a test drive and I was very impressed with it.
Focus TDCi CVT - RB
Slightly off-message I guess, but my DAF (the daddy of CVT) 33 Variomatic, is still belting along! (OK, it only comes out now and again, but hey, it is now 33 years old)

Unfortunately, the early "new CVTs" from around 1987 as used by Ford back then, do appear to have been problematic, and as a result, like so many things, all CVTs have been tarnished.

I'd like to think that things are settling down now with the likes of ZF, Honda etc. But we shall see.

I personally love the smooth changes and teasing people with the seemingly racing engine, then see their reaction as the engine slows down and the car speeds up!

Also, to show the pressure of consumer/marketing choice, I still think that inserting 6 or 7 "manual change" ratios, rather defeats the original idea and benefit of CVT in the first place. I.e. a simple fully automatic gearbox for small to medium size cars.

Focus TDCi CVT - RobC

Spot on with Ford CVT'S. Mine was on an Orion.

I guess if I did take the plunge again it would be on a Japanese car. Like Machika I have only heard good things about the Jazz.

The other one that springs to mind is the Nissan Murano. I even heard a rumour that the next Skyline will have a CVT option.

That would be worth seeing!

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