jewellers rouge - scfc_151
i just got some off a kind rac windscreens man im gona try it on a long but very light scratch on my windscreen.

Just wondered if anyone had used it for any tips etc?
jewellers rouge - oldgit
To my certain knowledge, it might remove very *light* scratches from windscreen glass - do a Google search (it very rarely fails).

Others may have an alternative thought, however, on this matter.
jewellers rouge - Xileno {P}
This thread may help:
jewellers rouge - Gromit {P}
With lots of patience on your part, you should successfully remove the scratch from your windscreen. Polish awhile, remove the rouge, check how the scratch is improving, and repeat.

You'll need a fibre-free cloth (a lens cleaning cloth for glasses or a chamois would do) to apply it. When you're done, use isopropyl alcohol to remove the residue of the rouge - so make sure the cloth isn't coloured as the alcohol risks leaching out the dye and ruining your careful work.

I've used jeweller's rouge frequently to remove scratches from (very brittle and easily scratched) salt plates used to hold samples for chemical analysis in spectrophotometers. Even with these, it can take up to an hour to remove the surface scratches, but it does work eventually.

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