Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - Iain
Just a quick question wondering if the fuel and oil additives that you can buy in Halfords give any noticeable benefits in performance and fuel consumption, etc or if they have any potential negative effects.
Re: Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - markymarkn

Do a search for them - theres loads and loads of threads on this that should answer all your questions.


Re: Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - Guy Lacey
Just injector cleaner at regular service intervals - especially if you drive high performance diesels such as the VAG TDI's.
Re: Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - Nipsy
Ive had a VAG TDI 130 for a month now and use Millers to keep the injectors clean. I reckon that with the high pressure and precision injection system there might be a need. I asked VAG dealer and he did not think it necessary but he did not strike me as very informed.

If in doubt I feel you should do something. By the way the car is great esp as it replaced my Fiat Coupe Turbo which I loved.
Re: Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - JohnD
We have four diesels in the family dated from 1989 to 1998 and they all get a regular sqirt of Redex in the tank. Consequently they all sail through the emission test on MOT. Oil additives are unnecessary if a good quality oil is used and changed at 6000miles.
Re: Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - T.r.y mybest
just starting using fortron products i.e engineflush,injector cleaner&oil additive in my 93 escort 1800 zetec .Engine running smoother & fuel con sumption down .
Re: Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - Tomo
Goodness, do you still get Redex? Remember when you were offered it with your petrol at the pump, by the attendant?
Re: Petrol/Diesel + oil additives - Honest John
Nipsy, did you pay extra for the handling pack or have you just got the standard suspension? I think the one I drove on my road test must have had the handling kit, because it's the first Mk IV Golf I've driven which really handled.


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