rover brake light probs - markymarkn
Alright all, I've actually got a car related problem for once... :-)

My mate drives an M reg Rover 218sd turbo diesel. When he's driving along and accelerates hard (foot to the floor), the handbrake-on/discs worn dashboard light comes on, but works fine in all other respects.

Any ideas why its doing this? Is it possible just the brakes are worn (although i thought the light would stay on permanently)?
Re: rover brake light probs - Dave
My 414 did that occasionally.

On mine there is no bad wear light. According to the Haynes manual the only switches in the circuit are the hand brake and the fluid level switch. (built into the fluid cap).

Wobbling this switch & topping right to the MAX sorted it out for me. Your probelm might be the hand brake switch of course.
Re: rover brake light probs - Brian
Brake fluid slightly on the low side.
When you accelerate, brake or corner the fluid gets thrown to the side of the reservoir and the low fluid light comes on.
Happened to me a couple of weeks back.
Re: rover brake light probs - markymarkn
i'll ask him to check it out (hes in newcastle and i'm in notts. he doesnt know much about cars).

Cheers all
Re: rover brake light probs - ian (cape town)
Had the same problem when hitting bumps in my old BMW.
Diagnosed as the wear indicator being loose.
The only problem was it then over-rode the cruise controller.
Re: rover brake light probs - Brill
Ian, my Audi light wear indicator does this after hitting a bump, did you cure yours?
Re: rover brake light probs - ian (cape town)
The sensor is a really cheap thingie, but they never had in any in stock for months!
I just disconnected it, sealed up the connector under the bonnet with ins. tape, and fitted a new one (which I'd kept for months in the glove compartment) when I flogged the car!
apparently, this was a huge design fault on that particular model.
On that subject, Beemer did have a lot of silly warning things - including the Service lights, which were a pain in the ****.
I suppose a lot of modern "get in and drive' merchants actually need to be reminded that cars need servicing occasionally.

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