Double mirrors on panel vans - Andrew Hamilton
Before I put a second mirror to cover the blind spot, I occassionally found problems with cars concealed there. Now I never get caught out when going to overtake another vehicle as it is obvious. I am not sure why more panel vans and artics do not do the same.
Re: Double mirrors on panel vans - Cockle
Good idea with the double mirror although the latest Transits do now seem to come with them as standard, at least on our company anyway. The thing that always concerns me is that without mirrors being about 1m wide you still can't see anything close behind, it's very easy to lose a motorcycle or even a car when it's close up. I know they shouldn't really be that close but I do like to know they are there, just in case.
Re: Double mirrors on panel vans - peter todd
double mirrors on 95 model transits are spot on & wide angle bottom one is better than looking over your shoulder when pulling over to right. but.... having tried a lucas copy at 60% ford list price on the nearside I think the old saying about getting what you pay comes to mind, when using that mirrors wide angle lense the image is no where near as accurate as the OE version

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