Isnt it nice...... - Andy B
travelling to work with so little traffic on the roads?

My usual early morning sub-urban crawl has been a rare driving pleasure the last three days, and almost eerie at times its so quiet. No queueing, crawling, bustling and jostling for space. No intimidation and competition by one-upmanship queue-jumpers. No stress. Reminds me what a pleasure driving can be. When you get this much road to yourself, even the road tax seems worth it.

A breath of fresh air and just too good not to mention.

Isnt it nice...... - patently
Yes - last time it was like this was during the fuel crisis.

Out here in the sticks the risk of ice does take the edge off the fun though.
Isnt it nice...... - SpamCan61 {P}
Same here...M3 / M27 / A31 much clearer than normal; trip computer says average speed on last tankful was 55 mph : normal is 45 mph. Economy slightly down on normal, which I'm hoping is just down to low ambient temperature.
Isnt it nice...... - GrumpyOldGit
Me too! It's fantastic. 30 miles door-to-door every morning, mostly M4 eastbound. Usual time 75 to 90 minutes, today just 35. :-)
Isnt it nice...... - doug_523i
I got into work this morning quicker than I've ever done it on the motorbike, and I was in the Xantia!! Hardly anything on the M56, the ice and fog probably put the early shoppers off. Enjoy it while you can.

Happy new year.


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