Replacement bulbs - BobbyG
Know this subject has been covered recently (though I can't find the thread), however worth highlighting a letter that is printed in this weeks Auto Express.
Guy bought replacement Osrams for his Scenic to find out that, to fit them in his car, meant "serious dismantling of the engine bay, something that can only be carried out by the dealer for about £70".
I have a Scenic as well, thus the interest, but may be worth checking out before you pay for replacement bulbs!
Anyone else experienced problems? Personally, I am not sure what this £70 of work would be!
Replacement bulbs - DL
Serious dismantling and £70 to replace a headlamp bulb?

Sounds typically French to me, but I could believe it!

Next time I see a Scenic, I'll have a looksee
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Replacement bulbs - SteveH42
Seems all to common these days. Not sure about the headlight bulbs, but to replace the N/S sidelight bulb on a Yaris either requires a lot of patience, swearing and access to an extensive toolkit, or the battery removed. As I've heard of problems arising from disconnecting the battery on modern cars with loads of electrics I decided to go for the former - my hands have just about healed from the number of times I scraped them on something or other...
Replacement bulbs - BobbyG
If all these 50% extra bulbs are so good, why are they not fitted as OE? Is there any manufacturer that does?
Surely the price difference can't be that much?
Replacement bulbs - No Do$h
They tend to have a shorter service life and they only offer 50% extra in some instances. Many modern reflectors already make max use of light and so you may only see a marginal improvement. They can also alter the beam pattern (based on personal experience).

I wouldn't recommend +50s for the dipped headlights as they can and frequently do dazzle other drivers, resulting in a retaliatory blast of main beam, but they can have their uses for main beam. I certainly wouldn't use them for Fogs as these are designed to reduce glare, something I can't see an extra 50% of power helping with!
Replacement bulbs - b3gon
Autolamps are offering three headlamp bulbs for the price of two.
Keen prices - I just bought some as spares.


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