Respect for Van Drivers - OlafS
I have been driving a company transit for about 4 days now, and now have much more respect for drivers of vans and HGV's. Although driving a transit is nothing like driving a HGV I have come to realise what these people go through every day. Here are some of my pet hates:

1. Drivers of cars who sit in your blind spot on Motorways and dual carridge ways and refuse to overtake.

2. Car drivers who don't allow a little extra room when manovering out of tight junctions.

3. Drivers who cut infront of you when leaving roundabouts.

4. Drivers who sit 2 meters from the rear bumper, making them invisible.

Any van drivers want to add to this list?


Respect for Van Drivers - Civic8
I gave up mechanic`s around 15 years ago and become a van driver
I cannot dispute your comment`s there are many more you could add to your list.But I doubt it would change any attitude towards Van driver`s most driver`s think we are in the wrong.or do not realise the manuavers we make it is not worth getting annoyed about If you notice most have mobiles stuck to heads or are concentrating on other things although it makes the van driver`s job harder it doe`s say van driver`s are as good if not better than most so don`t worry about it consider yourself one of the Elite There is no doubt van drivers or puddle jumpers are the best.
Respect for Van Drivers - Craggyislander
Fair comment Olafs, but van drivers also wind me up sometimes.It would appear that because the van is not their own property and belongs to their employer they aren't really too worried about (a) driving a foot away from the back of my car WHICH I AM PAYING FOR (Mercedes Sprinters come to mind here) and also (b) the Ford Transit pick up driving in the opposite direction to me that almost pushed me into a parked car the other week because he wanted to use up all the road- it was either that or have the entire drivers side of my car damaged!

I think it all comes down to this age old problem of respect for other peoples property - if they're not paying for it and looking after it , then they're not bothered.
Respect for Van Drivers - Armitage Shanks{P}
Respect has to earned! A lot of van drivers have a long way to go in this respect!
Respect for Van Drivers - none
I work for a van and truck rental company. I was talking to one of our long term 7.5t. lorry hirers recently and he told me that he'd just failed his HGV 2 test due to some sort of observation failure. He went on to say that he'd been driving cars, vans and 7.5 tonners for years and hadn't realised how bad a driver he was until he took the HGV driving course. Naturally enough he's hoping to pass his test next time, but say's that what he's learned up to now has changed his driving habits forever.
Respect for Van Drivers - Vansboy
It's either only in my mind, or..

When I drive a non-signwritten van, I'm fair game to be a hot target for cars to cut me up, overtake & generally be an unwanted road user.

When I'm in the Maestro Van, heavilly logo'd up, huge lightbar & looking the business,yes I know it's a Maestro, but it is still the best workhorse in a car derived van,people are quite polite & possibly more aware of me being there.

When I'm towing, headlights on, lightbar blazing away, they change back into anti-van mode, cut in front, sound horns, can't see me coming & so on.

Never understand this motoring lark!!

Respect for Van Drivers - Hawesy1982
It would appear that because the van is not their own
property and belongs to their employer they aren\'t really too
worried about (a) driving a foot away from the back of my car
WHICH I AM PAYING FOR (Mercedes Sprinters come to mind here)

Thats because most Mercedes Sprinters seem to be powered by rocket fuel, they\'re the only vans my 306DTurbo couldn\'t pull away from! ;-)

{Putting \'s at the end, will make the sentence invisible. I have amended. DD}
Respect for Van Drivers - L'escargot
would appear that because the van is not their own property
and belongs to their employer they aren't really too worried about

That's one good reason to never diss a van driver methinks!!
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Respect for Van Drivers - cockle {P}
I have always felt that it would be good for more people to experience what you have OlafS, a week driving a Transit gives drivers a whole new perspective. This doesn't just apply to vans, of course, I think everyone should spend time on a motorbike and a bicycle as well. There's nothing like experiencing things from the other side to make you appreciate the problems that they face.

As someone who has driven a van, of all shapes and sizes, daily for the last 20 odd years, my pet hates are:-

People who sit on my tail and can't see why my van doesn't accelerate as fast as their TDi, GTi, Turbo, etc.

Those who don't realise that if they can't see my mirrors I can't see them.

The 4x4 drivers who are so used to bullying everything else on the road that they don't realise that when I'm in the 3 tonner I'm actually bigger than they are and that it doesn't get out of the way very quickly, even if I wanted it to. As a Shogun driver found out a couple years back, even Mitsubishi wings bend! Bull bars or no.

Pedestrians who wait until you are reversing into a parking space before deciding that now is a good time to cross the road behind you. Fortunately I've spotted everyone of them to date but it is only a question of time...

Respect for Van Drivers - cockle {P}
A couple more:-

People who don't realise that, depending on van type and size, we actually have lower speed limits to stick to than cars.

Also those who don't realise that van drivers aren't actually out there for a pleasant drive, every van in some shape or form is actually working, we're not there because it's fun, it isn't.

Respect for Van Drivers - hillman
Do you have multiple tatoos and wear a string vest?
Respect for Van Drivers - Chicken Madras
I was very nearly t-boned on a roundabout this evening by a white van man who thought that the greater size of his vehicle over mine meant he had right of way (contrary to the Highway Code of course) coming onto roundabouts over vehicles already on them.

My opinion of the breed hasn\'t changed. After reading your post this morning I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt and cut them some slack, but after my experience tonight, no I\'m afraid I still hold my original opinion. They are idiots.

Remember that respect has to be earned.

Respect for Van Drivers - Colin M
I think a lot of van drivers hide behind their anonymity in plain white vehicles. We should follow Singapores example and ensure that all commercially owned vehicles have the registered keepers name and address painted on the side of the van.

Once had a demented van man going ballistic at me for some reason. He was weaving across two lanes of the M25 trying to prevent my passing, leaning out of the window showing me he could still fire arrows at the French etc, but as I pulled alongside I pointed to the firms name on the side of his van and picked up my mobile (this was pre Dec 1st!). His driving and manners suddenly improved dramatically.


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