it's all gone horribly wrong - rawedge
citroen ax 1.1i

won't start - Got someone to test the battery, they said it had no charge, it wasn't getting a charge and and alternator wasn't working - went and got new alternator from shop.

Fitted alternator into place
connected up wiring

put battery on charge

this morning put battery into place connected up battery and got sparks at the terminal removed connections but not in time for smoke to appear.

I have obviously done something wrong in connecting up the alternator.

The points that the wires connect up to the alternator were in different places to the old (original) alternator - i presume this is because of it not being an oem part

i looked at some of the wiring that was attatched to the alternator and it appears that some of the plastic surrounding the wiring has melted.

i have clearly messed up - is there anything i can do to resolve this or am i going to have to get it to a garage?
it's all gone horribly wrong - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Rather than an "ordinary" garage I suggest you try to find a specialist Auto-Electrician. Look in Y Pages under "Car Electrics" - you may even find someone mobile to save you having to have the car removed to a workshop.

Regards, Adam
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