Mondeo hesitation and noise on start up - toneB
Hello to forum, a couple of months ago I had a cambelt change on my 2.0l petrol Mondeo (143000m). Although the Ford main dealer entrusted to the job took two days to do the job(!)the car was picked up and seemed ok. A few weeks ago I noticed a scratchy type noise on startup only (Sounds like cambelt catching cover?) and the car now hesitates when first starting off in first and under acceleration. It also appears to be idling poorly compared to before. Whilst the milage is high the car has been serviced by Ford since new and has never let me down. I did change the plugs and air filter recently before setting off on a 2 week holiday to Holland but this hasn't corrected problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Mondeo hesitation and noise on start up - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I have had a similar set of symptoms due to the belt being so slack the inlet cam had hopped a tooth. Sounds like you need to hot-foot it back to your friendly dealer and get it checked pronto. I have found that when a new kit (belt, tensioner and guides) is fitted the Ford kit comes with a spring tensioner device which is supposed to preload the belt to the correct tension before you nip up the tensioner locking bolt, trouble is it doesnt and leaves the belt hideously slack. You can do a quick visual on tension by removing the topmost belt cover (2x 8mm bolts) and apply thumb pressure between the pulleys, it should be drum tight.

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Mondeo hesitation and noise on start up - toneB
Many thanks for advice will call Ford first thing. Cheers

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