Supercar Days - Phoenicks
After the '50 things to do before you die' program on BBC the other night, it got me thinking. I realised i have to drive a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.

Well its my b'day in October and would like to do the above at a Supercar day. GF will pay for it but not sure which to do. Did a track day at thruxton a few years ago and the Ferrari 355 drive was booked - i was absolutely gutted. So i just have to do it this time.

Found one at Goodwood Circuit that allows 3 laps driving in a Lamborghini Countach for £99. Seems very good value.

Another at Silverstone which is in a Ferrari 360 for a similar sum.

I was looking to do them the day after each other.

Has anyone out there done these, and what are they like?

Also, and other suggestions. Cant do further north than Silverstone really. And dont want to do skidpan or rallying.
Supercar Days - Chicken Madras
I did the Ferrari F355 day at Thruxton in 1999. Even though I'd got the insurance package, I was still scared to death in case I bent it. Never having driven a LHD car before I kept winding the window down every time I changed gear, and having a speedo calibrated in km/h caused some embarassment.

Ideally I'd like to have another go as I don't think I gave it enough of a thrashing, but it was a fantastic day and I've got some great memories of it.

My advice is - book somewhere now and you won't regret it. It took about a week to chisel the grin off my face afterwards!


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