Another VW Sharan Misfire - Run out of ideas
My 1999 VW Sharan 110 bhp TDi (red i) has a misfire ('coughs' on acceleration). So far I have replaced/had tested the airmass meter; new injectors; new fuel filter; new battery; have had dismantled and tested the diesel fuel pump and as a last resort changed the fuel provider and used a fuel additive (the last being a suggestion of Honest John's).

I am loathe to part with the car as it goes well otherwise - is there anything left for me to try or will I be coughing all the way to the dealer via the bank for a replacement?
Another VW Sharan Misfire - jb
I\'ve only spotted this by chance. I had the same thing on a 1998 Sharan 1.9TDi Sport. When it misfired it was on all cylinders, normally when excelerating away from traffic lights/roundabouts, etc.. It was very momentary, but nevertheless quite alarming when it did it!

VW would NOT accept there was a problem. I fell out with a dealer in Birmingham and another in Worcester who actually accused me of lying! In 1999 I had the car for something like 4 weeks out of 6 months. The rest of the time it was \'in dock\'.

I had it independently checked - fortunately it was leased and the only way I finally made any headway with VW was using the might and buying power of Leasecontracts to help me. They never did find out what the problem was, but suspected a cracked block. Eventually, I (Leasecontracts) got VW to buy the car back.

A very unhappy saga for me, with the only consolation being it wasn\'t my money!

Good luck!
Another VW Sharan Misfire - the conductor
hi i would have a real time test on the air flow meter with a vag 1551/1552 or equivelent as these kind of faults are usually very had to replecate in the workshop. try check for any loose hoses in the engine bay. also check ecu under scuttle hasnt got wet.

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