Twisted seating position of Corsa 1.2 - Ed Wiles
The position of the steering wheel and pedals on my Corsa 1.2 16V (Jan 2000) seems to be offset to the left relative to the seat. As a result, I'm finding myself twisting to the left while driving, causing some back pain on my right side after about 30 minutes driving.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Are there solutions to this other than getting a different car?


Twisted seating position of Corsa 1.2 - Altea Ego
This is a very common problem on cars where the footwell is too near the space for the front wheels, mostly superminis. Its one of these things you dont notice at first but this twisted posture soon starts to make itself known as you found out. Pushing the seat back reduces this angle, if that does not work for you then no there is no cure
Twisted seating position of Corsa 1.2 - RogerL
This is common in most small cars, and a few larger ones as well. The Nova (Corsa's predecessor) also had the steering wheel offset on the column, so that it moved from side to side during parking.

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