Which car for my parents? - Morris Ox
Looking for some informed ideas about what my parents can trade their car in for.

IT is a 99V VW Passat SE 110 TDi saloon in A1 condition with 36,000 on the clock.

THEY are both in their late 60s and looking for a quality car which is very reliable, economical, and easy to drive. They would prefer to drive diesel (and it would suit their journey profile) and they would benefit from an automatic. They won't contemplate any kind of adventurous choice, so there's no point suggesting it. This is their second VW, they've had Volvos previously, so you get the picture.

By my reckoning, they'll pull in £5-6k part ex on the Passat and they'd probably contemplate another £6-8k.

Any suggestions chaps and chapesses?
Which car for my parents? - mlj
My parents are in a very similar position, except they are trading in a Golf TDI! I am steering them towards a Corolla.
Your diesel/auto preference limits choice drastically given their other preferences. The best I can suggest (new) is Golf/Bora TDI 100, both available with auto but only in SE spec.
Alternatively, the new Volvo S40 might be worth waiting for.
Which car for my parents? - Wales Forester
I'm not being funny but why do they want a diesel when they do so little mileage?
Do they tow?
I've always been lead to believe that a diesel is a pointless investment unless you do higher than average mileage?

Which car for my parents? - mlj
The argument or preference regarding petrol or diesel has moved on greatly over the last five years. There are compelling reasons both ways now, putting mpg to one side.
Ultimately of course, you pay your money and take your choice.
Which car for my parents? - DavidHM
Basically, diesels are less prone to damage from running at low temperatures than petrols are. Plus of course there's a lot more low down torque, so you don't have to wind the engine up to 4000 to get past when you're doing 50.

But why are they thinking about selling it? Unless they specifically want a smaller car, or an auto, I'd just keep it for another few years until it starts giving them problems - which may be never.

Otherwise, would a Skoda Octavia 90 TDi be too adventurous? It's a lot cheaper than a Passat. With their budget though, they're really looking at something Focus or Golf sized - and most of the current generation (apart from the Stilo, Mégane and 307) will be replaced within a year so they'd do better to hang on for a while.
Which car for my parents? - PhilW
Sounds like they already have their ideal car!! What's the reason for the change? Or do they just want a change?
Which car for my parents? - bazza
Exactly what I was thinking!! Why change such a nice car?
Which car for my parents? - LongDriver {P}

My thoughts exactly...Why trade in a good, nearly run-in diesel car ?

I'd keep it!
Which car for my parents? - Morris Ox
Their reason for change is that the thought's been planted in their mind by their dealer, who (not surprisingly) keeps in touch personally with a faithful customer who likes something reasonably up to date and doesn't haggle much about price.

From my perspective, they are at an age where I know that an auto would be good for them, so while I can see the sense in keeping what they've got I can also see the sense in something which makes life on the road less hassle.

If there is a petrol auto car out there which could get close to the Passat's economy they might be persuaded, but the basic reasons they have stuck with it are those advanced by David: loads of stop-start journeys are not good for a petrol engine. The results of a similar life on the cat of my mother-in-law's petrol Peugeot were catastrophic and painfully expensive.
Which car for my parents? - Martin Wall
From my perspective, they are at an age where I know that an auto would be good for them

If your folks are used to a manual I would not recommend changing to an auto given their ages - HJ agrees also I believe - due to 'unintentional acceleration syndrome' where people not used to autos press the accelerator rather than the brake.

If they do fancy a change what about a Volvo S60 or a Toyota Avensis?
Which car for my parents? - No Do$h
You mention that your parents would benefit from an automatic. Have either ever driven an auto for any length of time? If the reason for an auto is that a manual is starting to become difficult to control, is removing one of the elements of control a good idea?

I'm being devils advocate here. Would be interested to hear your thoughts.
Which car for my parents? - No Do$h
Martin beat me to the enter key there....
Which car for my parents? - PhilW
At their age if your parents fancy a change for changes sake good on them and far be it from me to suggest they shouldn't - Perhaps they really fancy a sporty little number (Alfa JTD??, BMW 330 diesel??!!). But am I being unfair on the dealer to suggest that he has a gleam in his eye? Sale of a new car and a 4 year old Passat TDi with only 36,000 on the clock to sell as well? Perhaps he is being a little too persuasive??
Which car for my parents? - Morris Ox
They have had previous experience of autos, though I'm not blind to the fact that they would need a period of adjustment; everybody does if their regular mount has been manual.

Just to clear up any misapprehension, I'm not advocating it because they're a pair of old dears who need help crossing the road! But all of us slow with age and my father's admitted to me that though he's still an everyday driver he doesn't enjoy city driving as much as he used to and that an auto might help.

Anyone know if Rover do an auto verison of the 75 CDT?
Which car for my parents? - DavidHM
Yes they do. www.autobytel.co.uk has it from £15498 for the base, 115 bhp automatic Classic. I'm sure that other suppliers might have something for a little less.
Which car for my parents? - P 2501
Keep the passat and spend the 5+ grand on a luxury round the world cruise
Which car for my parents? - Martin Wall
As well as looking at a Rover 75 can I recommend they take a look at the Volvo S60 or especially the S80 - big, comfy, safe, well-equipped cars - with no problems getting spare parts - some Rover 75 owners have had to wait a long time for spare parts I believe - due to Rover switching from Unipart I think.

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