Mercedes 230 TE - HisHonour {P}
Judge junior has seen a car he fancies. It's a Mercedes 230 TE automatic Estate. J reg with 114000 miles on the clock. Seems in very good condition and drives nicely and is quiet. Full service history. For sale at local garage. Anyone care to give me an idea on value?
Mercedes 230 TE - Altea Ego
£3,500 - 3,750 Possibly £4k max if its really really good and honest.
Mercedes 230 TE - HisHonour {P}
Thank you, RF. This one is £3950 with, I suppose, a little room for negotiation.
Mercedes 230 TE - Aprilia
Check it over carefully, they can be a money pit.

If it has self-levelling rear suspension (hydraulic pump on from end of cam) have the system checked over by a specialist - they cost arm and a leg to fix.
Check for worn valve stem oil seals (they go at about this mileage).
Check delay on engaging reverse (should be max. of 2 seconds with hot 'box - 10 mile drive). Longer than 2 seconds means B2 clutch pack needs replacing (i.e. strip and rebuild = c. £1200).
Check for whining diff. (drive at 55-60mp gently ease on/off throttle) - if you hear a whine bear in mind MB recon diff is about £1000; backstreet rebuilder will charge £4-500 but may not get it right (they are tricky).

Pop off the small plastic covers on the sill trims (front and back, each side) and prod around the jacking tubes with a screwdriver - some can rot really badly just there around the weld. Nasty repair.


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