Portable Satnav for Ford Galaxy - LongDriver {P}
Anyone got a portable satnav (a PDA version for example) fitted in a Galaxy?

Do they work with the quickclear windscrren, or do you need an external antenna?
Portable Satnav for Ford Galaxy - NitroBurner
Friend of mine has a Mondeo with SN & QC W/screen. The SN was retrofitted & he's had no end of electrical faults in his ncar since....
Portable Satnav for Ford Galaxy - Altea Ego
This is a problem i face with the Laguna, I am planning to set up a PDA sat nav/speed camera locator. The laguna has a reflective windscreen that cuts out radio waves. You can buy a sat nav re-transmitter. One part sticks on any part of any window, (or even fed from a sat nav external aerial) and re transmits the sat nav signals inside the car.
Portable Satnav for Ford Galaxy - lily_my_lovely
I have a Compaq IPAQ with Navman (satnav) attachement and I've used it successfully in a Galaxy, with no external antenna.

I don't own a Galaxy (ahhh I wish) but hired one two months ago (June) for driving holiday in Scotland.

It worked prefectly everywhere on the way to and around Scotland (even up in the highlands) although it got a little behind in Edinburgh town centre - but hey I have that problem in London too when the roads are so close to each other.

It actually worked loads better in the Galaxy than it does in my Rover 25. In the Rover it seems to take *ages* to connect to the Sat initially, in the Galaxy it was up and running pretty much straight away.
Portable Satnav for Ford Galaxy - LongDriver {P}
I thought I'd update in case anyone's interested...

I've now got a Viewsonic V35 (cheapest PocketPC available), running TomTom Navigator II satnav software, coupled with a Haicom GPS receiver and a 128MB SD card. The whole lot cost me £449 including all leads and windscreen mount.

Works perfectly with my Quickclear windscreen. Voice directions and colour graphics including 3D, for much less £££ than anything comparable.

Plus, of course you've got a fully-functioning PocketPC as well as a Satnav system!!


Purchased from www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk, who specialise in this sort of thing an mapping stuff.

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