VR6 auto gearbox problems - poolio
I own a 1995 Golf VR6 automatic which has covered 57,000 miles. Having noticed a slight whining noise that coincides with the auto-box changing up at around 35-40mph I had a VW technician road-test it with me. Further checking with his diagnostic kit revealed faults with the gear-box and engine. He managed to cancel/reset the gear-box fault only for it to return minutes later.

Initial checking of the engine returned nothing until a throttle potentiometer fault showed up. My understanding of all this is that the gear-box and engine aren't communicating and the engine may be operating in 'limp home' mode. I've certainly felt the car hasn't been as responsive as it should be for several months. I never really pushed it in the first few months of owning it, but since the noise appeared I've been curious, tested it (responsibly) and feel it definitely should be a bit more responsive. More recently when the engine is cold/warming up it seems to have problems engaging first, seemingly engaging twice and jolting. Once warm this disappears.

I'm hoping it comes down to one or two electrical parts rather than in need of a new box as the wiring into the box looks a bit rough, and I feel it's worth paying for an official VW technician to look at it. Does anyone have any ideas about potential scenarios here or care to expound any theories.

many thanks in advance.
VR6 auto gearbox problems - stator
Hi, Poolio try someone at www.fedauto.co.uk thay should have a member close to you to ask
VR6 auto gearbox problems - poolio
Thanks a lot Stator.

Will also check a number of things I've learned about through related threads on the site like fluid levels and moisture in ECU myself. With fingers crossed.


VR6 auto gearbox problems - Aprilia
whining noise is unlikely to be an electronics problem. If it only appears in a particular gear then its likely to be a bearing associated with that gear and will require a mechanical strip down to rectify.

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