Small MPV - Robert Dunford
I need to replace my old Volvo and I have been looking at the mini MPV's by Renault, Nissan Citroen etc. I seem to have narrowed it down to the Tino and the Scenic, but they both have their pro's and con's, the Tino has the Nissan reliablity and has more space inside and looks ok from the outside, but is let down by the dash, plasticky and noisy wiper system(on the one I tried). The Scenic I have read is not that reliable, but the interior looks much better than the Tino, plus they do automatics on more of the engine range. I would love some feedback from users and maybe I should look at others.
Thanks Rob D
RE: Small MPV - honestjohn
Take a look at the car by car breakdown on There have been a lot of problems with Scenic automatics. I think you'd be better off with a Citroen Xsara Picasso.

RE: Small MPV - DEK
Have been thro all this recently including all competitive models. Scenic auto is not being made for some time(dealer). Tino is okay but a bit basic . Picasso is well ahead in best value stakes and has plenty of good extras, pity there is no auto option.Just ordered one!
RE: Small MPV - Phil Parker
My choice was between the Scenic and Picasso Diesels. I'd eliminated, the Tino due to its "non MPV , non European " looks and the PT cruiser for lack of diesel option and stringent pricing structure.
The Picasso won out on price and radical design. I paid £12425 for a 2.0 Hdi SX .......from the agents, Lythgoes of Bolton and can report no problems to date.
RE: Picasso MPV - mike


I'm interested in buying a diesel Picasso. Anyone found any good deals
on this vehicle lately ?


RE: Picasso MPV - Mike L
I see Trade Sales are offering them at £10799 (

I bought a 1.6sx from them back in November at £9999, which I thought was a good deal, but the HDi now looks better value!

Before the Picasso I had a PT Cruiser for 3 Months, and I find the Picasso a much more practical car, the Cruiser had no luggage space at all and felt a lot slower.

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