Thirsty, Smoky Focus Tdi - rogerb
those of you who are long-ish term regulars wil be familiar with this, but this is the latest...!
Having been advised to disconnect the egr valve , to alleviate the smokiness - tried it, no significant improvement - I put the Focus in today for a full diagnostic check on its thirst.
Just had a call, "The only fault indicated was a duff egr valve - Ford's will do a goodwill payment of 60%, and your extended warranty will cover the rest" !!!

The job requires a new inlet manifold so total will be c£175 - the garage man was, of course, reluctant to predict any improvement in consumption. Watch this space - if you are the slightest bit interested, that is!

Since the car has been like this since new, one can only assume that the valve has always been faulty. I can't see that it should affect mpg - what d'you experts say?


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