What's the best way to treat rusting brake callipe - Roger Jones
A question from me, the owner of a VR6 Highline, bought new in December 1996:

I won a battle with the dealer and VW to have the brake callipers painted free of charge when they started rusting within six months of buying the car. They are now deteriorating again. Any advice on how to treat them for a truly durable result? I know it wouldn't/shouldn't matter with normal hub caps covering them, but the very open-style six-spoke alloys expose the callipers in all their gory glory.
Plating? - David Woollard
This performance car stuff is a bit outside my experience, give me a solid wheel disc, with a logo not so different from VW, anyday.

But am I right that paint will never hold in this very harsh enviroment? Is some sort of plating the answer. I'm sure I have seen this in Max Power.

Re: What's the best way to treat rusting brake cal - simon saxton

After thorough preparation/cleaning we used to use International two pack paint(Marine/yacht paint) & allow to dry/cure before refitting. It is highly durable against erosion & salt & lasted for several years.Do be sure to use the two pack variety.

Re: What's the best way to treat rusting brake cal - Ian Cook
I would expect this solution to be the most viable. The trouble with one pack paints, even those called "resins", is that they dry by solvent evaporation before the resin has a chance to cure. This gives rise to micro-porosity, hence rusting within a short space of time.

I've used two pack marine epoxy paint as recommended by Simon quite successfully on metal, although not on brake calipers. As David W says, Citroens tend to keep their "privates" private.
Brake Cal Paint - Guy Lacey
I cannot for one minute believe D.Woollard has visited the Max Power web-site!

I have never been a member of the painted brake calliper but I suspect something like hammerite/smoothrite would do the trick - cannot understand why the body of the calliper is corroding? I have owned Golfs from between 10-15 years old and they have suffered from siezed handbrake mechs but never actual metal corrosion of the calliper?!
Max Power. - David Woollard

.......I cannot for one minute believe D.Woollard has visited the Max Power web-site!.....

Comes under the heading of "knowing the enemy"!

Re: Brake Cal Paint - Roger Jones

I too wish I understood it -- unbelievable blemish on an otherwise brilliant car. But take a look around at P Golfs and you'll see other examples, as I did when I was gathering evidence for my case against dealer and VW.
Other tatty bits. - David Woollard

You may gather large alloys aren't really my thing but I do admit some of the latest Golfs I see with them can look stunning. Mate has a black GT TDi with 17" or similar...very very smart.

But what about all the other bits nature never intended us to display, driveshafts, arms, bushes joints etc. What do you do to them?

Re: Other tatty bits. - steve paterson
A few years ago many members of the the Cortina / Escort hot rod fraternity used to remove their dreary leaf springs and back axle, and weld on an impressive old Jaguar subframe complete with all the working bits. Springs were chromed, dampers painted, drive shafts polished and so on. I've seen spotlamps fitted and directed onto the handiwork. Bumpers were left off and various bits of bodywork bent out of the way so that following motorists could enjoy the view. We used to get a few of these conversions in for MOT at the garage I worked in at the time. Unfortunately, many owners were more artistic than mechanical, and we often had to refuse to continue with the test because of potential damage to the vehicle or garage equipment.
Re: What's the best way to treat rusting brake cal - Ben Chapman
I have some 23k mile '96 VR6 calipers with absolutley no rust if you would like to buy them- £70.


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