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Left Foot Braking - Michael
interesting article on the vw tech bulletin site - many vw's now have fly by wire throttles (no accelerator cable). The software has been programmed, on Automatics only, such that touching the brake pedal causes the engine speed to drop to idle (over-riding the throttle position). Apparently this is a bit of a problem for left foot brakers who tend to gently rest their left foot on the brake pedal during slow manouvres whilst trying to increase engine speed with their right.
Re: Left Foot Braking - Brian
Another good reason for not buying a VW!
Re: Left Foot Braking - Darcy Kitchin
Noticed this on one of the company Golfs I borrowed recently. It's a '99 manual TDi. Took it through a ford and applied the footbrake while accelerating to dry off the brakes and the engine power died.
Re: Left Foot Braking - Stuart B
So if Darcy's observation is correct and it also applies on manuals, does this mean that overlapping braking and gear changes, aka heel & toe, is an impossible technique in a modern Veedub?
Re: Left Foot Braking - Darcy Kitchin
Are VW drivers interested in heel & toe stuff? Surely not;-)
Heel and Toe gear changes - John Slaughter
VW drivers may not understand the technique, but us Minor owners do. The pedals on a Minor are ideal for heel and toe gear changes, which with a slightly weak synchromesh (it's 43 years old) is jolly useful!


Re: Left Foot Braking - Stuart B
Possibly so when dashing from LPG site to LPG site and dodging the seagull poop on the way. ;-D

Mind you I received a pathetically attempted wigging for my last post on feathered friends so must not upset the twirlys.

Re: Left Foot Braking - Darcy Kitchin
Due to ever-increasing lardiness of Golfs, seagulls now have a much bigger target to poop on ;-)
Re: Left Foot Braking - mns1
What is the address of this web site?

Web site address. - David Woollard
Hello what's this?

How do you get here and not know the address?

Re: Web site address. - Darcy Kitchin
think he/she means VW tech web site
Re: Web site address. - David Woollard
Ah perhaps you're right. Too much talk of the Americal Secret Service robot crawlers made me edgy!!

Re: Web site address. - Michael
web site is
Re: Web site address. - Michael
note its a usa site, so some of the info may not be relevant in uk
Nothing new! Bosch EDC - David Lacey
This loss of throttle action whilst the brake pedal is touched has been a feature of the Bosch Electronic Diesel Control system which has been around since around 1994. Try to rev the engine with the brake pedal depressed and all you would get is a small blip in engine revs and then it would die back down to idle, irrespective of throttle pedal position. Quite weird, actually!

This system uses fly-by-wire technology (i.e there's no throttle cable). It utilises a potentiometer moved directly by the accelerator pedal, which in turn provides a throttle opening signal to the ECU, ultimately providing more or less fuel to the engine, via the electronically controlled fuel injection pump

It is a really reliable system with few vices - the complicated wiring loom being the weak point, especially on Rover 220 & 420 Diesels

I'm not too sure of the point of this throttle disabling feature when the brake pedal used

There was a problem with Rover 620 diesels when they first appeared in 1996 with the adjustment of the brake pedal switch - many drivers lost all throttle action, intermittantly.

It turned out to be a simple stop lamp switch adjustment!!


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