96' zetec escort electical fault - wrightyl
Hi, my car is already part of another thread to do ith an idle problem, this one concerns an intermitten electrical problem. Apart from these two things the car is fine!

This is the problem and it seems to be totally random: sometimes when i try to use the rear windscreen wiper it does not work (the washers do though), instead the fog light & rear screen heater lights come on, at the same time the boot release in the central console stops working too. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
96' zetec escort electical fault - Simon
Firstly if I remember correctly the electric boot release will only operate when the ignition is off or at least no further than posistion one with the key, as this stops you opening the boot accidentaly while you are going along. Have you taken this into consideration.

Secondly if you have a look on the underside of the tailgate/bootlid and also on the top of the rear panel near to where the catch for the tailgate is located, you will see a row of electrical contacts. These contacts are the ones that operate on the wiper, heated screen and fog circuits. Make sure that the contacts are all clean on both the underside of the tailgate and the ones on the rear panel. This will most probably be where the problem lies, with the problem particularly sounding like the earth contact is not working as it should. Clean them up with some medium to fine wet 'n' dry paper or sand paper or something similar.
96' zetec escort electical fault - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
The one I had last year doing this needed a new fusebox.

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96' zetec escort electical fault - jc
Sounds remararkably like a bad earth on the tailgate;the washer pump and boot release are not on the tailgate and should have their own earth.I did not think that 96 escorts had pins to carry the current to the tailgate-I thought they used a loom at top offside of the tailgate-you should check earth connections at both ends.
96' zetec escort electical fault - harry m
agree with jc had same problem on escort years ago went back to ford dealer faulty earth was the problem.
96' zetec escort electical fault - wrightyl
Thank you very much for all the replies. I shall try out what has been suggested and see if fixes the problem. There are contacts on the bottom of the tailgate so i shall try cleaning them first. With regards to the boot release, it stops working along with the wiper when just the ignition is switched on & the car is stationary.

96' zetec escort electical fault - jc
Boot release should only work with ignition OFF.

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