Baby dies in hot car - Ian (Cape Town)
How in God's name did anybody let this woman look after children?

A two-year-old girl has died after being left in a locked car in the sun while her caregiver went shopping.

The child, whose name has not been made public, was declared dead on arrival at Garden City Clinic in Johannesburg on Monday afternoon - when temperatures reached 30°C - after she was rushed there by staff from Jumbo Cash & Carry.

Surendra Bhawan Suroobhai, managing director of Jumbo Cash & Carry's Crown Mines store, confirmed the incident on Tuesday.

"A customer left the child in the car while she came to shop. She must have been gone for about an hour or so, and when she got back to the car, the child was dead. She started screaming, so staff ran to help and tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation," Suroobhai said.

Makes me so angry, I could weep. It's not as if we live in a cold climate...
Baby dies in hot car - GRowlette
Of course you are angry and this person should get manslaughter in jail for life.

But I am a woman and I weep for the child's mother. I see enough poor and neglected kids in my country die already.
Baby dies in hot car - volvoman
Terrible Ian, terrible. If our climate was hotter more often I think we'd see much more of this here too. HF and I regulalry see babies and toddlers left alone in cars whilst their parents enjoy a chinwag outside the school for half an hour, well out of sight and earshot. These kids are vulnerable to choking, overheating (seasonal of course) and all sorts of other things but the mums (primarily) don't seem to understand the danger. Only a week or two ago we witnessed several such incidents one afternoon and wondered whether we should try to raise the issue with the head. I think I will now do this and see if awareness of the dangers can be raised.


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