- craig-pd130
For GA in Birmingham considering either a Golf GTE or 330e, look at a BMW 225xe too. Large hatchback versatility, quicker than the Golf and almost as quick as the 330e. Also cheaper in company car BIK tax and lease costs than either.
- stojom
RE the reversing ev, I've had many people stupidly walking behind my normal engined car when reversing out a tight parking space and now always turn my hazard lights on when doing so as an extra warning. At least in may help my defence in a prosecution!,
Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 18-11-2017 Part 1 - m5rcc

Problem is, it's a 2-series.

- Jeff L
It would be a good idea if hazard warning lights engaged automatically when reverse gear is selected. Also, why aren't cars fitted with bleepers like commercial vehicles?

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