Vectra DI not starting - perplexed1
Has anyone got any ideas.
When the colder weather arrived the engine didn't always start first time. Checked the glow plugs - all gone - so thats why the engine management light was coming on then going off after a minute or two.
Changed the glow plugs but then the engine turned but didn't fire at all. Disconnected glow plugs- still didn't fire.
Remembered that last hesitation on starting was when engine was warm so renewed the fuel filter and seal and all the drain pipes which were hard, difficult to pull off but rotated easily.

Still no joy. Check fuel present at pump input but not present at output.
Rechecked all fuses - OK. Today a friend tells me the engine management system is reporting no faults.
Vectra DI not starting - wemyss
Very surprising that 4 glow plugs could have all gone together. How did you test them?. You do know that they don't operate until the temperature drops to 3C and that the dash light also does not show. By drain pipes do you mean the injector spill pipes which are a well known source of trouble with the Vectra.
Vectra DI not starting - perplexed1

After disconnecting the leads a multimeter indicated that the glow plugs were open circuit. New ones were just under 1 ohm. When the temperature was low the glow plug dash light came on prior to starting.

It was noticed that when the engine was running (before I removed the dead glow plugs) power was on the plugs all the time the engine management light was on (a minute or so).

All the plugs showed a narrowing of the body a few mm from the end.

Yes, I mean the spill pipes.
Vectra DI not starting - mc
Try the injector seals and feeder pipes. I've literally just got my veccy back today (2.0 DI) after it being in the vauxhall delaership for 2 weeks !!!. Problem is caused by air in the system.
Vectra DI not starting - CarlW
Do you mind me asking how much you were charged as my injector seals are on their way out, i have done the spillback pipes already!!

Also, my glow plug never came on, even below the 3 deg C, but car started ok!!!!
Vectra DI not starting - wemyss
Carl with reference to your injector seals. Only yesterday I took a tyre in for repair to my one man garage down the road and was relating the story of my spill pipes and how Vauxhall always say it is the seals. He said he had just done the seals on a Vectra diesel and contrary to how the book says it is done he did it without removing the camshaft.
I have assumed the seals which are often referred to fit between the injector and the body but he said no! its a seal (I think he said) on the injector itself.
He said it was a pig of a job but he managed it without upsetting the timing or anything else, and took a relativly short time. Vauxhall quote 5 and one half hours!.
Perplexed if your spill pipes are the braided hairy looking ones these are the first thing to replace as they stopped my Vectra from starting and they appeared visually to be OK.
Vectra DI not starting - CarlW
My old spill pipes were the braided hairy ones and did look ok.
I only changed them because of what i've discovered on this great forum, as my Vec' wouldn't start one day. The old pipes literally disintigrated into dust in my hands as i pulled them off. Now i have the new "solid" pipes fitted but i still get a small cough every time i start in the mornings!!
Vectra DI not starting - rickt
I know this is an old post but I just thought I tel you about the recent problem regarding my Vectra
Sorry , But how the hell can you reply to a post with a Volvo D5 pop up that will not stay off the screen . This spoils the whole forum.I'll have to abandon the post !!
Vectra DI not starting - Dynamic Dave
As mentioned in Discussion, press function key F5 to refresh the page. That is of course if you\'re using Internet Explorer (or AOL. ND.).

The matter of the pop up is in hand, but won\'t yet be sorted for a few days, due to the Christmas break.

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