Peugeot 206 CC - anti pollution warning light - ian palmer

the warning light (anti pollution) came on and the engine dropped to limp mode, i reset the commy restarted the car and the light has gone off and normal power has returned, checked the usuall, nothing found, anyone got any ideas apart from sending it to the dealer to be told ignore it there is nothing wrong

ian palmer

Peugeot 206 CC - anti pollution warning light - unthrottled
Not a lot of information to go on. Is it a diesel? What year? I wouldn't ignore a fault that caused a car togo into limp home mode. If it's a recent diesel, it'll probably be a DPF regeneration problem. I think peugeot use Eolys exhaust fluid to help with regeneration. If the reservoir is empty, it'll require replenishment

nb: Eolys is NOT an 'overpriced' version of adblue urea solution as some people believe. Adblue is used for dealing with NOx and has nothing to do with the particulate trap!

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