Golf IV 1.6 Refinement? - Matt A W
I have an imported Golf 1.6 16v, which is dreadfully unrefined. Engine noise and boom into the cabin at 3000 rpm and above is awefull. I have noticed on other 1.6 Golfs that there is sound insulation under the bonnet and on the bulkhead. This is not fitted to mine and because the car is imported, UK dealers don't seem to care less, suggesting that sound insulation is a factory option which is specified as standard on UK models.
Is sound insulation fitted to all UK Golf 1.6 16v's or am I being fobbed off by the dealers? Also, does anyone else with a 1.6 16v suffer from pinking under load - something which again I have been fobbed off by dealers on.

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Golf IV 1.6 Refinement? - howard
My wife has one of these in SE guise and the refinement is as it should be,resonably quiet at all normal (legalish) speeds. It was imported just over a year ago from Sweden and has had hardly any problem, central locking went funny after about 10 months- fixed under warranty. Definitly no pinking, underbonnet insulation- I think so, I'm at work right now with my own car, but will check in the next few days when I'm off work

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