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2001 (51reg) 2.0 overheating - shazza46
any advice, complete novice to engines! I got my car from auction eight wks ago. all good, on my way to work one night the car overheated into the red. Got help and plenty of water it was good to go. 5 weeks on... stuck on motorway on way home from work, two and half hour drive and eventually 30mins at standstill the car coped well. half way on temp gauge. Once home had to pop out again in local traffic 5mins in the gauge was in the red.... pulled over, gently undone water thingy and after a lot of coughing and water spluttering discovered there is water almost full. I left the car all day and checked water again and it was just a dribble lower than max. please can anyone advise too scared to drive and very broke, many thanks.

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2001 (51reg) 2.0 overheating - Peter.N.
That's an odd one. Obviously something intermittent, could be the thermostat although it would be unusual, the radiator fan failing to come on, this though would normally only cause problems if you were in traffic, or, a faulty temperature guge/sender.
2001 (51reg) 2.0 overheating - elekie&a/c doctor
I think I would agree on a thermostat fault.Very common on these to corrode and seize.
2001 (51reg) 2.0 overheating - J1mbo
I would second the thermostat, I had a similar thing on my old Mk2 and heard of problems with the mk3 as well. Normally the stick open, I'd suggest changing the stat and the sender if its in the same housing. I don't think you need a gasket on the mk3. But worth checking in haynes manual.

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