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Car insurance - a.j
I have got max no claims discount on my car,the policy has me as main driver+my wife as named driver.I am thinking of getting a second car as a run around,how does the insurance work? Can i use my max no claim or do i need to start from scratch with my second car thanks Andrew.
Car insurance - yorkiebar
Talk to different companies. Many all handle it slightly differently. Some dont acknowledge it. Some encourage 2 cars. Others want 1 car with you as main driver and named driver and in reverse for 2nd car.

No hard and fast rules.
Car insurance - McP
I use Direct Line.
My partner got my full NCB on her first car and got to keep it as her own after 1 year with no claims.

Don't know how it would work if you are the main driver on both cars?
Car insurance - DavidHM
Depending on what the car is, you sound like you could be an ideal candidate for classic car insurance.
Car insurance - wantone
I'm the main driver on both of our vehicles.
You cant carry the ncd on to you second car but i have found that if you insure it with the same company as your 1st car they give you a massive discount thats equivalent to a full ncd.
Car insurance - No FM2R
Wantone would be basically right.

The only two comments to add is that its not always neccessary to use the same insurer to obtain that discount, and to remember that whilst some insurers offer a discount for multiple cars that doesn't neccessarily make them cheaper than insuring each car in the best place.

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