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Advice please?

My bora (51 reg) is in teh VW garage today.

Last week teh passenger front electric window failed. The window dropped open and wouldn't close. Upon removing the interior door panel I could see that the two bits of plastic (lugs?) that the window sits in were broken.

Perhaps foolishly I hoped that this would be a simple and inexpensive repair. However, the garage have just called.

apparnently I need new regulators (whatever they are) because they can't just supply the plastic bits. Having pressed them they said that they can supply new lugs only (£40) but they waid that the regulators are usually damaged and need replacement anyway. With labour, they have quoted £200.

Also, apparently the replacement lugs are not plastic anymore, but metal. The garage said that this was to stop this happening again. I said that it looked as if VW hade an acknowledged fault with the original plastice part. He wouldn't accept this, but it seems pretty clear to me that if VW have changed from a plastic to metal part, there must have been a spate of problems.

I asked if there was any chance of some goodwill from VW, and he said probably not, but would ask.

Do I have any choice but to pay for this repair? Is there any chance at all of some goodwill from VW for this 5 year old car? Is it likely that I can buy the lugs individually from somewhere else (IE GWF) and fit myself? Any inside knowledge?

All help gratefully received!

Bora window repair - bell boy
dont think you will be able to repair it yourself ive tried on similar window type fixings and usually the only solution is a new type cassette complete fitment...
ive read many times about these plastic fixings (i assume its the ones that locate on the rail that steadies the window up and down and connected to the cable) my opinion is they go brittle and a change of material to something stronger is common sense,i doubt whether vw will help but hey there is nothing wrong with trying.....
£200 for a bit of fresh air is a lot of money....
hyundai"s are weak on the windows on this point both manual and electric....
Bora window repair - The Lawman
Done a bit of googling (even found an old honestjohn thread!) and it seems this is indeed a common fault.

Apparently there is a service/technical bulletin thingy.

Also, it the good old US of A VW now offer an extended 7 year warranty on this mechanism, and in reliance on that, at least one UK customer has been able to get some goodwill (50%) from VW.
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I think the designer was moonlighting at Renault in his spare time. Clio windows can do exactly the same thing for the same reasons,

The regulator is the thing that pushes the windows up or down, taking the drive from the motor. It uses bowden cable type things and when the windows drops into the bottom of the door the cables end up with permanent kinks and twists. they dont make seperate cables of course......just the entire regulator.

VW are aware of the issue, (it affects most of the range around that time) and *might* stump up if you cry a lot. (but 5 years is a fair way off warranty)
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Bora window repair - Dynamic Dave
Is it likely that I can buy the lugs individually from somewhere else (IE GWF) and fit myself? Any inside knowledge?

Providing it's the same part as fitted to a Golf....

There's a link to someone selling them on ebay mentioned in the following thread:-
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I also have a Bora and, as far as I'm aware the two front doors are the same as the Golf.

But don't take it as gospel...:-)
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Bora window repair - Dynamic Dave
The link to the ebay site has finally opened - slow server at work.

It does mention Bora as well as the Golf.

The actual ebay sale had ended in the thread I posted earlier, but here's a current one instead:-
Bora window repair - The Lawman
Well would you believe it!

The garage have just rung back, and VW are going to do the repair free of charge (parts and labour!) That's saved me £200

Apparently they will do this for cars less than 5 years old. Not quite as good as the states, but not too bad !

i wonder however if I would have got this if I had not grumbled, and asked for some goodwill?

HJ, worth putting on the car by car breakdown?

Bora window repair - Dynamic Dave
HJ, worth putting on the car by car breakdown?

It might be better to email HJ, as he doesn't get time to read every posting in the backroom.

Bora window repair - The Lawman
Bora window repair - Stuartli
It's not happened to me but, unfortunately, my Bora was registered in November 1999...:-(

Glad that VW has come up trumps for you.
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When I worked in the service dept at a Renault dealership, I always checked whether the customer was entitled to any goodwill (if the car was out of warranty) BEFORE ringing the customer with the good/bad news. My service manager didn't like it though, as it cut down on his profit margins but I thought it better to keep the job & keep the customer happy. Although apparantley the latter wasn't high on his list of priorities, and I left after not liking the feeling of ripping people off.
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Wouldn't any goodwill contributions comes from Renault UK (or whatever make)?
Bora window repair - bell boy
good news Lawman, :)

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