peugeot 406 faulty fuel gauge reading - kriswales
I have a 2001 peugeot 406 2l petrol glx estate. when i returned from a long journey of about 350 miles my fuel guage was reading empty and the low fuel light was on the trip computer stated i had about 30 miles left in the tank. whilst driving to refuel the vehicle the guage showed 1/4 full tripo showed 150 miles range left ?. I have refuelled the vehicle 22 litres of fuel guage now reads 3/4 full trip reads 350 miles range ?? any ideas re this thanks.
peugeot 406 faulty fuel gauge reading - Frogeye
I don't trust mine, as my Hdi sometimes runs out before the needle reaches the red. Have you had a new sender or pump fitted? My problems started after that. I believe the gauge has to be calibrated by the dealer's computer DIAG?? My main dealer was incapable of doing this but what would you expect from a garage that butchered the floor with tin snips to remove the pump.
peugeot 406 faulty fuel gauge reading - LeePower
The later 406s do suffer from a lose earth screw on the back of the instrument cluster pcb that will cause the fuel gauge to read incorectly when it starts to work lose, Also cause the cluster to stick warning lights on for no reason too.

A simple tighten up with a screwdriver fixes it for good.

The reason the rear floor has to be butchered on a 406 HDI when it needs a new in tank fuel pump is because the hole in the rear floor pan isnt big enough on the HDI model, It was never designed to be used to change a HDI fuel pump.
It wasnt worth making the hole bigger on the production line for the 406 HDI model so they just left it as it was.

The options for 406 HDI owners who need to change the in tank pump are either drop the fuel tank at great cost or make the hole bigger to get the pump out & the replacment in.
peugeot 406 faulty fuel gauge reading - kriswales
thanks lee power do i have to remove the instrument panel to get at this earth screw? sorry I took so long replying been away.
peugeot 406 faulty fuel gauge reading - LeePower
You would need to remove it.

Its been about 8 years since ive had the pleasure of working on a 406, Its about 7 torx 20 screws of the top of my head.

3 for the surround & 4 for the instrument cluster, But dont quote me on that.
peugeot 406 faulty fuel gauge reading - DavidHM
Haynes manual explains dashboard removal clearly.

About half an hour if you're competent. You need to remove the panel on the side of the dash, by the driver's door and remove a retainer screw, otherwise the right hand heater vent won't fit back in properly as you'll snap it out when you remove the dash.

Incidentally Lee, the instrument panelts are different for the later cars than the earlier ones - if you've not had one of these out for eight years then it'll have a different setup from those you've worked on.

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