vectra (1999) fob - hefty
I synchronise my fob in the ignition and press one of the buttons on the fob with ignition key at position II. Doors lock and unlock and the fob is reponsive for a few days and then has to be resynchronised. I have replaced the batteries but makes non difference. Any advice please?
Vectra (1999) fob - hefty
Vectra (1999) fob - Deryck Tintagel
Probably not a great help but ... is the plipper being pressed when not in range of the car. This can get it out of sync with the car.
Vectra (1999) fob - hefty
Thanks, but no this is not the case, I am aware of that problem and only use the fob whilst I am within physical reach of the car.
Vectra (1999) fob - Dynamic Dave
My previous Vectra (B) did it on occasion. Never did get to the bottom of it other than the when it generally happened I was near to a powerful radio transmitter tower and I assumed it was that what was masking my plip signal.
Vectra (1999) fob - wemyss
I have two keys for my 1998 Vectra and one of them does exactly the same as yours.
Resetting it and it works again. Not resetting it and it begins to work again a day or so afterwards.
I have also changed the battery but am beginning to wonder if it is a battery fault even though they are new. maybe some of them are old stock?..
Anyway if you find the answer please let us know.

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