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Auction buying. - David W
Confirm something for me please.

Where a car selling at auction has "VAT Qualifying" in the description it means VAT is shown separately and can be recovered by a business user.

It doesn't mean that VAT is added to the hammer price does it?

Only thing to go on the hammer price is the buyers premium, correct?

You can tell I don't get out of the workshop enough!

Re: Auction buying. - Paul Robinson
Hello David

Yes, your understanding is correct. To add a bit of background, business purchasers may be able to recover the VAT element if there is 100% business use of the vehicle.


Paul R
Re: Auction buying. - Honest John
100% business use means that the car is being bought by a trader to be resold; or is going onto a rental fleet, onto a lease fleet or into a pool. A company car that is ever taken to an employee's home does not qualify as business use. The only way to get the VAT back on this type of vehicle is to buy a van or a 1 ton plus crewcab pick up for which the business has a legitimate use.

Re: Auction buying. - David W
Thanks guys.

We'll hit the halls tomorrow confident of the position. You may hear there has been a rise in demand for Citroen TDs (from none to one sold?) over East Anglia.

That'll be me.

Re: Auction buying. - Steve
So you are not in the market for the mercedes diesel estate yet then?
Re: Auction buying. - Mark (Brazil, but in UK)
Don't you be leading cousin David astray !!


p.s. (Don't ask. I'm still not sure I believe it)
Re: Auction buying. - Ian (cape town)
So Mark, you taking a ciroen back to Brazil with you?
Re: Auction buying. - Mark (Brazil, but in UK)
No, bought it for my sister.

She seems to have become a Citroen Convert pretty quickly. Apparantly she, her husband, three kids and the dog have already been out in it to test its ability to drive well, carry loads of stuff and separate kids from each other and the dog (three rear belts).

Re: Auction buying. - ian (cape town)
Excellent stuff!

They have just started re-impotrting them here - i'm sore tempted to go and have a serious look next week.
Re: Auction buying. - David W

No I'll have to wait a few years to justify one. Just hope I don't go off them in the meantime.


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