Warranty - Service Overdue - Hugo {P}
With a few less than happy posts regarding warranties on used vehicles, I thought I ought to post this and update it as it progresses

My recently purchased Discovery came with a Motorplan Premier Warranty. However, as the previous owner pointed out, she missed the last service and it may therefore be technically void.

So, having had the service done and received a clean bill of health (from the LR that is) I contacted Motorplan today to ask them what the situation was with reference to the above.

The service is approx 8 weeks and 2000 miles overdue according to the Land Rover schedule. They have asked me to send in copies of all the service history with the £25 transfer fee to get it transferred to my name. They have undertaken to consider it on its merits.

I fully accept that they reserve the right to declare the warranty null and void as the vehicle missed this service by more than the margin they allow, however I am hopeful that goodwill will prevail when they see the extensive and complete service history. I have the chap's name to send the paperwork to - all 37 pages of copied SH, MOTs etc!

As I say, I'll keep you updated.

Warranty - Service Overdue - Hugo {P}
Well, I sent the paperwork off today, minus the previous owner's signature, as they have gone away for the weekend.

I have ps ed the letter to that effect explaining that they have gone away.

So We'll see....


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