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Have test driven the Passat TDI 130hp and would like to achieve a similar result by chipping my 1999 TDI 110hp Passat (one red letter). Could anybody comment on the results and subsequent reliability of the engine and drive train? This is not for speed but to permit easier towing of a camping trailer in the mountains. Thanks for your help
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My son has a PSI Motorsport piggy-back chip on his 110 Bora. Sits between the plug and ECU so it can be removed in seconds if you want to before dealer servicing. Much improved mid-range power and better mpg.

Have a look here -

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Try www.upsolute.com their agent will visit your home to chip your car.

I have had 2 cars chipped VW caravelle and merc V-class with excellent results. Cost ~£320
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I now have 25k on my Alfa 2.4TD, chipped at 9k. No reliability problems, improved consumption and bags more torque.

On the downside, the power curve is steeper, which takes a bit of getting used to, with the odd occassion of bogging down when trying to coast roundabouts at 1700rpm.

No increase on my insurance, but it does vary from insurer to insurer. I recommend Liverpool Victoria if you have any problems.

I got the chip from East Coast Racing (don't be put off by the title) and it takes about 10 minutes to fit.

If you do a search on this site you should find previous threads on the subject, along with a link to their site.
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